Sri Lanka & Maldives vACC

Virtual Area Control Centre (VACC)

for Sri Lanka & Maldives Flight Information Regions (FIR)



  • 30-04-17

West Asia FSS that covers all the Division’s airspace is active

  • 01-09-16

New VCBI SID/STAR charts published

  • 17-09-15

KATUNAYAKE (KAT) VOR freq. changed to 114.10

  • 17-04-15

VRMM parking positions identified

  • 14-04-14

Real time Arrival & Departure Flight Boards in VCBI & VRMM pages

  • 17-01-14

VRMM TMA VFR & Seaplane procedure updated

  • 11-12-13

Sri Lankan Airlines entered partnership with SRM for online flying

  • 07 DEC 2013

Golden Triangle event concluded

  • 04 DEC 2013

ADVenture vACC page uploaded

  • 02 DEC 2013

VRMF & VCBI Crib sheets updated

  • 01 DEC 2013

Visiting Controllers list added in Staff/Contacts page

  • 30 NOV 2013

vACCSRM site is officially active

Golden Triangle event announced in Online page

  • 29 NOV 2013

Links page updated

Colombo FIR Vat-spy & Servinfo data update provided in Sri Lanka page

  • DEC 2013

Planned to commence active services of vACCSRM

  • 01 NOV 2013

vACCSRM officially sanctioned by VATWA

  • 29 OCT 2013

Approval to establish vACCSRM

  • OCT 2013

Request submitted to VATWA to establish Virtual Area Control Center for Sri Lanka and Maldives

Welcome to newest Virtual Air Traffic Control Center of Vatsim > Vatasia > Vatwa, vACCSRM for Sri Lanka and Maldives.

From its virgin forests to its great antiquities, from its abundant wildlife to its fine cuisine - Sri Lanka and Maldives are the most magical countries in the world.

"On leaving the island of Andaman and sailing for 1000 miles a little south of west," wrote Marco Polo, "the traveller reaches Ceylon, and Maldives further down, which are undoubtedly the finest islands of its size in the entire world."

Here at vACCSRM, our controllers perform one of the most demanding jobs...joining the islands to the world. As the presence of the air travel becomes more and more in demand at far away locations around the world, vACCSRM helps with Vatsim ATC for pilots to reach these distant places.

Welcome to vACCSRM, where ambitions fly high. Embark on a winning career from experienced controllers to dynamic professionals, by joining our diverse team. We take pride in our controllers, who are dedicated, efficient and friendly.