Sri Lanka & Maldives vACC

Virtual Area Control Centre (VACC)

for Sri Lanka & Maldives Flight Information Regions (FIR)


Policy vACCSRM

 Sri Lanka and Maldives vACC is functional and operational in line with polices and guidelines established by the VATWA > VATASIA > VATSIM. Relevant links are given below for reference.









Any region/country specific requirements will be published as Notams within country pages and Crib Sheets.


Current Notams:

  • Notam 17.04.30          West Asia Division approved its own ASIA_W_FSS that covers all the Division’s airspace.


           To correct VAT-Spy data with updated West Asia FSS Control, Colombo & Male FIR information:

           Find VATSpy.dat  (usually in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\VAT-Spy)

           Open VATSpy.dat with notepad to alter and add the below changes into the section [airports] ​


  • Search for word 'VCCC' and change it to 'VCCF
  • Search for word 'VRGN' and change it to 'VRMG
  • Search for word [URIs] & copy following line below [URIs]


​            Save the file.

           Then open FIRBoundaries.dat in the same VAT-Spy folder.

  • Search for word 'VCCC' and change it to 'VCCF'​

           Save the file.

           Run VAT-Spy to confirm the changes.


  • Notam 13.11.30          VCCF_CTR and VCBI_APP positions serve both VCBI & VCRI arrivals and departures.
  • Notam 13.12.01          VRMF_CTR position serves both VRMM & VRMG arrivals and departures.
  • Notam 13.12.04          Inter-island special VFR flights + water landings are authorized within VRMF FIR
  • Notam 13.12.05          Island-wide special VFR flights + water landings are authorized within VCCF FIR
  • Notam 13.12.06          In VCCF & VRMF FIRs, simulated 'HF radio position reporting system' is available on request
  • Notam 13.12.07          If you use  VAT-Spy/Servinfo, please update data file as per the instructions here.

                                          Or use to check real time Vatsim status.

  • Notam 13.12.08          Unidentified triangle on VCCF & VOMF FIR Boundary should be disregarded. Refer here.


Controller: Flight 122, can you climb to FL390?
122: Standby (A few seconds pass)
122: We can make it, but we’ll have to throw out a few passengers
Controller: That’s approved.


Colombo Radio (VCCF FIR) Position Report

"sri lankan is position ANULI at time 1002, flight level 350, estimating VIROG at 1042, IGEVO next."

Enter the data in the fields below to produce your ATC position report above.

Callsign Your callsign
Position The position you're reporting at.
Time at Position The time of your position report. Hours and minutes in UTC.
Flight Level Your current flight level.
Next Position The position you are heading to next.
Next Position ETA Your estimated arrival time at the next position, hhmm in UTC.
Then The position you are planning to head to after your next waypoint.
Click here if you have been assigned a Mach speed by ATC

Note: Unless you are specifically assigned a mach speed by ATC, you do not need to report your speed.

Mach Speed Your current Mach Speed. M0.82 read as "decimal eight two"
Ground Speed Your current ground speed.
Click here if you are at a weather-reporting waypoint

Note: If you are unsure, assume not required unless specifically requested for weather info by ATC.

Temperature The outside air temperature at your current position.
Wind Direction The direction of the winds at your current flight level.
Wind Speed The speed of the winds at your current flight level.
Turbulence The level of turbulence encountered at your current flight level.
Icing The level of icing encountered at your current flight level.
Thunderstorms Thunderstorm activity encountered at your current position/flight level.

Are you travelling at an increased sim rate?

Note: 2x and 4x sim rates are available at specific altitudes in Oceanic airspace, subject to ATC approval.
Note: Requests for accelerated sim rates will usually be declined during events.

Sim Rate The sim rate you are running your simulator at. Greater than 1x is only permitted with ATC approval, and not during events.

Notam 13.12.06: Indian Ocean HF radio position reporting system

In Sri Lanka & Maldives vACC you can request simulated 'HF radio position reporting system' to make your online flying more realistic. Following is a sample HF radio position reporting message when aircraft is not under radar control, usually when your aircraft is 250nm away from nearest land or VHF radio station.

Sample Radio message script for Colombo Radio in VCCF FIR is given below. Enter required data in the boxes to automatically get the correct radio message at the top.