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Virtual Area Control Centre (VACC)

for Sri Lanka & Maldives Flight Information Regions (FIR)


vACC Sri Lanka

Country at a Glance

Sri Lanka is situated on the south eastern part of Asia. This island country is situated just in the center of the Indian Ocean. In fact, Sri Lanka is also known as surrounded on all its side by the Indian Ocean. This island has the Bay of Bengal to its south east and the Arabian Sea on the south west. Sri Lanka is situated in great geographical proximity to India, separated by the narrow Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait. The total land area of Sri Lanka is 65,610 sq km. Lonely Planet recently rated Sri Lanka the "number one country to visit in 2013". This island nation has a pristine coastline, a unique culture and heritage, and is easy to access.

Almost the whole of Sri Lanka experiences tropical type of climate. The location of Sri Lanka is a very decisive factor in long range flight planing (ETOPS). Sri Lanka is lies in close proximity to the Equator. It is situated in between 6N to 10N of the latitude and 80E to 82E of the longitude. Thus, the average temperature of Sri Lanka remains in between 27C to 31C. Temperature in the central highland region is low compared to the rest of the island. Most of the land is flat and rolling; mountains in the south-central region rise to over 8,000 ft (2,438 m)

Time: GMT+5:30hrs (daylight saving or summer time is not applicable)

VCBI - Colombo Bandaranaike Intl. Charts

VCRI - Mattala Rajapaksa Intl. Charts

VCCF - Controller Files

Notam 13.11.30          VCCF_CTR and VCBI_APP positions serve both VCBI & VCRI arrivals and departures.


Notam 13.12.07          If you use  VAT-Spy/Servinfo, please update data file as per the instructions here.

                                      Or use to check real time Vatsim status.

Notam 15.09.17          KATUNAYAKE (KAT) VOR frequency changed to 114.10.

                                      Old frequency 112.70 is still available for flight sim navigation.

Notam 16.06.16          Procedural agreement of India vACC and SRM vACC for flight operations between VCCF                                                                       & VOMM established. Download the LOA




To correct VAT-Spy data with updated Colombo & Male FIR information:


  1. Find VATSpy.dat  (usually in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\VAT-Spy)
  2. Open VATSpy.dat with notepad to alter and add the below changes into the section [airports] 
  3. Search for word 'VCCC' and change it to 'VCCF
  4. Search for word 'VRGN' and change it to 'VRMG
  5. Save the file.
  6. Then open FIRBoundaries.dat in the same VAT-Spy folder.
  7. Search for word 'VCCC' and change it to 'VCCF'
  8. Save the file.
  9. Run VAT-Spy to confirm the changes.

To correct Servinfo data with updated Colombo & Male FIR information:


  1. Find servinfo.dat  (usually in Servinfo main folder)
  2. Open servinfo.dat with notepad to alter and add the below changes into the section [airports]


  3. Search for word 'VRGN' and change it to 'VRMG'
  4. Save the file.
  5. Then open fir.dat in the same Servinfo folder.
  6. Search for word 'VCCC' and change it to 'VCCF'
  7. Save the file.
  8. Run Servinfo to confirm the changes.

Notam 13.12.08

VCCF & VOMF FIR Boundary


As shown in the left picture, unnamed triangle should be disregarded. 
Orange line is the correct VCCF TMA boundary. 
Approximate location of the line is shown in the right picture.
From north VOMF FIR, left of DABAR - ATETA - IDIBI - DEMON - BIKOK - BASUR - N07.00 E077.00 - Vertically south to VRMF FIR.


Tower: Cessna 172, state your intentions
Student Pilot: Uh, I want to be airline pilot sir
Tower: Cessna 172, your intentions NOW, not in the next 20 years