Sri Lanka & Maldives vACC

Virtual Area Control Centre (VACC)

for Sri Lanka & Maldives Flight Information Regions (FIR)


ADVenture vACC

Our friendly SRM vACC staff is ever so ready to guide and assist you on VFR flight adventures. Trainee pilots are welcome to practice your flying skills all year-round, in perfect climate.

We welcome pictures and videos of your visits. We will publish/link them in SRM site for all to see.

That’s not all. When it is time to leave for your next long distance flight we can recommend some very unique routes that only few pilots have experienced. SRM can provide you the latest route information.

  • SRM – Port Blair (VOPB)
  • SRM – Christmas Islands (YPXM)
  • SRM – Cocos Islands (YPCC)
  • SRM – Jakarta (WIII)
  • SRM – Perth (YPPH)
  • SRM – Diego Garcia (FJDG)
  • SRM – Mauritius (FIMP)
  • SRM – Antananarivo (FMMI)
  • SRM – Cape Town (FACT)
  • SRM – Seychelles (FSIA)
  • SRM – Mombasa (HKMO)
  • SRM - Aden (OYAA)

Vatsim flying is mostly involves flying from A to B, city to city. SRM vACC would like to take you on some adventure style low level flying. When you arrive to one of our international airports, it is time to relax and some hands on flying. Get into your favorite small propeller aircraft, preferably with floats. Once VFR flight plan is filed you are ready to go. Don’t forget your snack pack.

Cruise through some of the world's most beautiful islands, uncover isolated beaches, explore small fishing villages, swim and snorkel the vibrant coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, and savor local cuisine (we wish that we can simulate that part also!) White sands, blue skies and crystal-clear waters; fly around the extraordinary islands of the Maldives in a float equipped plane. Experience the turquoise lagoons and perfect beaches that make these islands famous. When you have found an ideal place to land learn the local way and dive the spectacular corals of the Indian Ocean (virtually) that offer relaxing sea breezes and countless photo opportunities.

Inter-atoll flying is unregulated and relies on you informing the controller where you feel like going that particular day. There's nothing stopping you for a leisurely island-hop down to the former British airbase on the southern island of Addu Atoll/Gan.

And there are more exciting places to visit. When heading north-west from VRMM you can fly all the way to ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ – Sri Lanka. Crisscross the island serenity with your favorite slow and low flying aircraft; fly past the breathing greenery, lagoons, central mountains and the ancient grandeur before you gently touch down on the island's most picturesque locations. With many small airfields located all over the country, and numerous other water landing spots, opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Indulge yourself in this tropical paradise.


Cessna: " Tower, Cessna 123, student pilot, I am out of fuel." 
Tower: "Roger Cessna 123, reduce airspeed to best glide... Do you have the airfield in sight?" 
Cessna: "Uh...tower, I am on the south ramp; I just want to know where the fuel truck is."